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FEB 19

Fancy Pony Tails

posted by: FIG

Spring runways sported a ton of fabulous beauty trends. One of our favorites? The fancy pony tail! That’s right ladies, no longer just a style of childhoods past; this classic has a new twist (or two) for you.

Full Volume from Creatures of the Wind Spring 2014 – we love this romantic take on the pony tail. The key to this look is texture, texture, texture. Curl strands loosely with a wide-barrel iron and secure with 2 twisted sections of hair from either side of your head. Pin in place for an effortlessly romantic look.

Tousled Perfection from Derek Lam Spring 2014 – The perfect pony for the girl on the go! Loosely pull hair back into a band, and then create texture by using a brush and making long strokes from the bottom of the tail to the band. Wrap a strand of hair around the band and spray for security.

Retro from Rodarte Spring 2014 – Need a throwback for spring? Try this fancy side pony tail. Create texture by making loose waves with a large barrel curling iron. Use a round brush and hairdryer to style the front section of your hair into a retro-inspired wave. Loosely twist hair to one side, and secure with pins (think half of a French twist).

Sleek and Chic from Valentino Spring 2014 – Try this classic twist for a polished springtime look. Secure hair in a band, then take a one-inch section of hair from one side near the nape of your neck and wrap around the band. Secure with pins and use plenty of hairspray to secure flyaways.

What is your favorite way to wear a pony tail? Share your ideas with us! 

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